M.D.R. Machining Ltd.

Company profile

M.D.R. Machining Ltd. has been operating since 1982 providing manufacturing, marketing and sub-contracting services in the field of automatic precision milling and turning (CNC). The company supplies quality components for various industries, such as:
  • Electronics
  • Optics
  • The medical industry – medical instrumentation including equipment for medical laser procedures, dental technicians, etc.
  • Broadcasting and recording, communications and telephony – power supplies, branding apparatus, etc.
  • The automotive and transportation industry
  • Civil aviation
  • The food industry – machinery, conveyor belts and moving parts
  • The microwave industry
  • Pre-press companies
  • And more
מ.ד.ר עיבוד שבבי
Raw materials used for manufacture include: aluminum, stainless steel, brass, steel, titanium and plastics.
The company's customers in Israel and abroad benefit from:

  • A skilled and professional staff
  • The use of modern, sophisticated equipment from leading companies, such as: Star, Mori-Seiki, Makino, Citizen, Tornos
  • Strict adherence to schedule
  • Speedy delivery
  • High quality manufacture and finish
  • The ability to supply small and medium-size orders
  • Work according to customer drafts and files
  • Flexibility and responsibility
הקפדה על איכויות גימור וייצור גבוהות
M.D.R owns CNC departments of up to 5 axis, enabling the manufacture of small and medium-size orders in minimum time, using machine procedures XYZ - 1280 X 560 X 560 m"m.

The company operates a special Swiss type automatic milling and turning (CNC) department that is able to manufacture components of 0.5mm – 32mm diameter.
In addition, the company operates a department which executes mechanical assemblies, including inserts and complex assemblies, as finished products. M.D.R. also offers finishing services such as: coating (anodize and passivation), and painting.

The quality assurance at M.D.R. assures a high standard of production which includes product portfolios and documentation as required by ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Among the company's customers are institutions, organizations, companies and engineers from Israel and abroad.

We will be happy to be of service.